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Here is the post that our friends of podio create it for show how we use podio in the agency. It also show our new offices that i guess you will like it!!

Enjoy it!!


How do you know when you’ve come up with the perfect marketing campaign idea that your client will love? You could lay on your office couch, have a nap, and wait for your secretary to think of it – à la Don Draper from Mad Man – or you could take the innovative approach of event marketing boutique, A Small Job.

The team at A Small Job have created an Ideas App on Podio to capture their ideas after creative meetings, before voting on them to decidewhich to pitch their clients. At times they’ve extended this process to include clients from the very beginning. On a recent project with Volkswagen, A Small Job set up a workspace with a team from VW to run the project, from sharing initial ideas to presenting renderings.

Event Marketing Creative Executive Director, Juan Pablo Sánchez has made a great video with his team to show you how they run their company, from handling supplier invoices to managing client projects on Podio:


“The increased transparency made possible by Podio has really improved our clients relations and the process of selecting campaign ideas. We’ve found by sharing a workspace on Podio, our clients understand our creative process better. It’s also a faster way of sharing ideas and selecting the best ones to take forward. As projects proceed Podio’s a great way to present and discuss work with our clients, without having to email things back and forth.” – Juan Pablo Sánchez, Creative Executive Director at A Small Job

This approach has certainly paid dividends for A Small Job. Juan Pablo explains: “we develop really creative ideas, a bit crazy you might say,” a dancing polar bear arriving on Oropesa beach for example. Their recent work for Trident chewing gum has landed them a nomination at the Cannes Lion festival. You can check it out here. The world’s largest puppet show from the Mestalla stadium, at half time between Valencia vs. Barcelona:


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