Some quotes about ideas in Event Marketing


This days i been reading few books and i will like to share with you some of my highlight sentences. Hope you will enjoy it.

  • You will find that a good idea has, as it were, self expanding qualities. It stimulates those who see it to add to it. Thus possibilities in it withc you have overlooked will come light.
  • In advertaisment an idea results from a new combination of specific knowledge about product and people with general knowledge about life and events.
  • The habit of mind wich leads to a search for relationships betweem facts becomes of the highest importance in production of ideas.
  • Pareto: namely, that an idea is nothing more nor less that a new combination of old elements.
  • Coworking provides a way to be independent and connect with others, but just finding a room with desks and internet won´t cut it. Someone MUST step forward to create and hold the space where productive work and a saturated sense of community can happen at any time. In a coworking space, the catalyst prepares the space so that no attention needs to be paid to the environment, and instead attention can be paid to each other and the work.
  • Coworking is a state of mind, a community and most important a unique global movement. But figuring out how to get the most out of this new, rapdly expanding concept of working can be difficult if you don´t know where to look.
  • Indivivuals often seek out membership at a coworking space becouse they either feel isolated or becouse they are coming up against productivity barries. These folks don´t need an internet connnection and a desk. they already have that. What They need is a coworking community where they can work alongside others.

So with this inspirational quotes i will like to share with you what is going to be asmalljob the next year. It´s going to be a space where creativity flows with an enviroment and agency design that will help and encourage people to have fun, enjoy and play. A space where ideas will flow like the water. I will like to present you the new asmalljob!..


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