Taking Billboard's to the next Level with 3D Mapping.



3 D mapping is a hot trend and every brand wants to surf the trend.

They are still huge exterior displays affair that takes entire buildings and blocks, powerful and state of the art technology and of course...important budgets that only big brands can afford.

Brands such as ADIDAS came through with 3D sessions complete with its own DJ and musical display, RALPH LAUREN felt they needed to get into the craze and projected their own classy and unique brand personality on to building Façades, façades, façades...

But where and how will 3D Mapping evolve? Folks at ACCESS AGENCY would say: AWAY FROM BUILDING FAÇADES AND INTO BILLBOARDS!

Take a look at this upcoming 3D Mapping Billboard for Mini by ACCESS AGENCY. The concept breathes novelty and freshness. It’s apparently not operational yet as it will be launching the new Mini Model in early 2012.

Can’t wait to see the results...

What do you think? Is this “Augmented Reality” disguised as 3D Mapping?

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