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Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Europe.  It is currently ranked 5th on the list of the most popular destinations for meetings and events.  The city’s appeal has everybody from history buffs to art lovers, to fashion followers, and even sports fans under its magical spell.  It is a beautiful, dynamic, classic, yet modern city that offers something for everybody in almost any industry.  It is literally a verifiable hotspot for any corporate event. However, since Spain is a country with four official languages and several dialects, it is difficult for even the best company event planner to do their job effectively and since human cloning hasn’t been perfected, most business owners and other professionals will need to put their faith in finding an event marketing agency in Barcelona that can not only help break through the communication barrier but also possess the local knowledge and expertise to be able to deliver their individual company message to relevant target audiences in the most effective way possible.  So the next question is,how does one strategically come up with a clear, thorough, process that will assist in making the decision to decide which event marketing agency to use?

Luckily there is an official non-profit association that can help called SpainDMCs.  What is a DMC you ask?  DMC stands for Destination Management Company and SpainDMCs has all the info you need on the most prestigious event marketing agencies in Barcelona. These agencies offer services at a local level and help clients to achieve goals at corporate events that take place outside of the areas they reside.  Services include but are not limited to securing accommodations, transportation, extra-curricular activities, equipment rental, and entertainment.  According to SpainDMCs’ website, using them to find a DMC is “like having a temporary extension of your own office in the destination where the event is to be held, with a team of local professionals at your disposal just for the time you need them, from the initial planning stage through to execution.”  They go on to say that “SpainDMCs only accepts the best DMCs as members in the conviction that the extensive operational experience and detailed destination knowledge these companies represent will make a tangible contribution to the success of any event in which they collaborate.”They have received numerous service awards over the past few years and they even have an ethical code that each of their members must meet. Read more about it here:

They also have a very specific set of goals that include establishing criteria to ensure professional and economic stability of its members, to identify new global trends in the world of incentive programs, conferences, and corporate events and to negotiate the signing of agreements with available suppliers. 

In conclusion, if your company desperately needs assistance with getting the ideal venue, onsite inspections, AV requirements, gala dinners, themed banquets, bookkeeping, and more to have the perfect, stress free, yet highly successful event, look to SpainDMCs to point you in the right direction to reach your targets. 

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