Spectacular Speaking, the course with which you’ll improve your presentations in public

A Small Job is one of the sponsors of this Workshop, to be held on March 13th and 14th of 2015 in the centro ARTCHIMBOLDI, a modern apartment in the heart of Barcelona, reserved for unique events.

Does your work require giving public presentations in English or motivating people with your speeches?

Then open your eyes and read carefully, this workshop can be a very useful tool for you, it’s the best course we know in this side of the continent about giving presentations in public, its teachers are simply the best out there, period.

"A great speaker does more than just informing,

a great speaker inspires."

Spectacular Speaking
  is a two day course in which seven experienced speakers will share valuable tips with a commitment to raise the level of public speaking.


Those attending this training will learn among other things to:


- Prepare and organize a presentation

- Develop a convincing speech

- Work on bodily communication

- Maintain a balanced voice in their exhibitions

- Build connections with eye contact

All this from the guidance of 7 professional speakers with extensive experience in this field:


Florian Mueck

 Conor Neill

Tobias Rodrigues

 Olivia Schofield


If you want to be an inspirational speaker, Spectacular Speaking  is your chance to achieve it.

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